Why you should know about prenatal care

If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy in Newark or Elizabeth New Jersey, prenatal care is your first concern. As a mother to be, the foremost benefit of prenatal care is the ability to identify any problems and treat them before they develop so that you can have a healthy baby and avoid premature delivery.

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When should you see your doctor for prenatal care?

The moment you suspect you are pregnant, make an appointment with your health care provider to confirm your pregnancy and make a plan for future visits. Doctors advise a visit even if you are planning a pregnancy so that your health can be assessed and any problems can be tackled before you become pregnant.

For normal pregnancies, the prenatal care schedule is:
•    Weeks 4 to 28: once a month
•    Weeks 28 to 36: twice a month
•    Weeks 36 to birth: once a week

Women with high-risk pregnancies will have to see the doctor more often.


What are the risk factors for a high-risk pregnancy?

•    Too young or too old to be pregnant
•    Being underweight or overweight
•    Difficulty with earlier pregnancies
•    Health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or HIV.

Since health problems can also occur in the course of a normal pregnancy and make it high risk, it is even more important to ensure you get prenatal care.

If your pregnancy is high-risk, make an appointment to discuss your prenatal care.

What happens during your Newark or Elizabeth New Jersey prenatal care visit?

Your doctor will monitor any medical conditions you may have including those related to blood sugar, blood pressure and conduct tests to ensure the health of your baby. Here’s what you can expect:
•    A full physical exam and pelvic exam
•    Check Weight and measure belly
•    Check face, feet and hands for edema
•    Urine tests
•    Ask about current medications and health issues
•    Family health history
•    Tests for anemia, infections, pap smear
•    Calculate your due date
•    Prescribe prenatal vitamins, folic acid supplements
•    Advise you about healthcare, diet, exercise and nutrition
•    Advise a dental check

Seeking prenatal care in New Jersey as early as possible can ensure a healthy pregnancy. Schedule an appointment today for comprehensive prenatal care in Newark and Elizabeth New Jersey