Are you considering family planning?

Family planning is considered when you want to avoid a pregnancy for various reasons. It usually involves birth control for women and men. While some family planning options are permanent, some are reversible and temporary. It is important to explore all your options, risks and benefits before you decide, particularly if you plan to have children at a later date.

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Which method to choose?

The effectiveness of family planning methods depends on your goals and health status. The choice of birth control method is usually based on the following criteria:

•    Ease of use
•    Safety and effectiveness  
•    Protection against sexually transmitted diseases
•    Affordability
•    Effect on existing Health conditions
•    Risks and benefits
•    Legal issues

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Types of family planning methods

Most birth control methods can be categorized into the following types:

•    Barrier methods – condoms, spermicides, cervical cap, diaphragm
•    Hormonal methods – used as pill, patch, shot, ring or implant
•    Permanent contraception or sterilization – tubal ligation, vasectomy
•    Abstinence – 100% effective as you avoid intercourse
•    Natural family planning includes abstinence and use of devices and  based on menstrual cycle to calculate “safe days”
•    Withdrawal before ejaculation
•    Surrogacy – where the parents select a birth mother using artificial reproductive technology to carry the child to term.
•    Artificial insemination uses IUI where the sperm is injected into the uterus or IVF involving embryo transfer into the uterus
•    Abortion – terminating pregnancy due to health reasons

Family planning basically allows you and your partner to space and time pregnancy and has a direct impact on the woman’s well-being.  The choice of family planning method is essentially personal. At Dr Khazaei’s office, we believe that it is important to discuss family planning with your partner and your doctor so that you choose the method that works most effectively for your needs.

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