Endometrial Ablation – the safer treatment option

Heavy periods, if not regularized, can put you at risk for anemia, making you feel dizzy, tired and breathless. Earlier, the only treatment option was hysterectomy or removing the womb, which poses risks.  Endometrial ablation, which removes a thin lining of the uterus, is a safer treatment choice for heavy periods that cannot be controlled with medication.  

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Endometrial ablation techniques

Endometrial ablation is usually a one day procedure, letting you return home the same day. There are different types such as electro cautery, laser ablation, heated fluid, radio waves and microwave endometrial ablation. The techniques range from passing an electric current, using a high energy light beam, probes using microwaves or radio waves to destroy the inner lining of the uterus.  Based on the type of ablation planned for you and whether the procedure will be done under local or general anesthesia, your doctor will instruct you accordingly.

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What to expect

Temporary side effects such as pain, discomfort and cramping are relieved with short-term pain medication. Rarely, some women face complications during or after the procedure and these include a reaction to the anesthetic, unusually heavy bleeding, a blood clot in the leg, inflammation in the womb lining or urinary tract infection. While endometrial ablation is usually safe, it is best to talk to your doctor to understand the benefits, side effects and likely complications so that you can make an informed choice.

How well does it work

Not everyone may be a suitable candidate for endometrial ablation. This includes women with specific medical conditions such as uterus disorders, uterine cancer, recent uterus infection, recent pregnancy or past menopause. Pregnancy is unlikely after the procedure, however, it cannot be ruled out. If it happens there are risks involved. Your doctor will advise you regarding birth control and follow up healthcare after endometrial ablation.

At Dr Khazaei’s office in New Jersey, endometrial ablation has been used to successfully treat heavy bleeding in women who do not want to become pregnant.

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