Healthy, nutritious medical weight loss program that tastes good

The Center for Laser Medical Weight Loss
Supervised by an MD

Weight loss must be nutritious, improve your health, maintain muscle and lose fat. Dr Khazaei’s  revolutionary New Jersey medical weight loss program is based on this belief. When you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly, weight management is viable.

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Safe, medically supervised weight loss

If you are overweight or obese, you have a right to safe healthcare that fits your lifestyle. Losing weight is not about a lack of will power or weakness; It is about setting realistic goals, staying positive and motivated.
At Dr Khazaei’s office, our unique medical weight loss program focuses on a healthy diet and activity:

  • Maintaining muscle mass
  • Losing fat
  • Maintaining a healthy metabolism

This medical weight loss program improves your energy levels with the right balance of protein, fat, carbs, vitamins and minerals during weight loss. Ask for more details.

Aspecial laser therapy can be used to reduce appetite to achieve your optimal goal.

How our medical weight loss program works

  • Step 1: professional counselling tuned to your goals and motivation.
  • Step 2: full body composition analysis to analyze fat, muscle and water content in your body to determine whether your weight loss is fat, muscle or water
  • Step 3: advise you on the right weight loss program based on your medical history, fitness level, motivation level and financial preferences

We help you maintain muscle and lose fat in three phases.

Phase 1: Active Care Phase - rapid weight loss with 100% controlled nutrients.

Phase 2: Transition Phase – Reaching your goal weight and increasing calorie consumption to develop new and healthy eating habits.

Phase 3: Maintenance Phase – make a follow up schedule for support to maintain your weight loss.

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Reach your weight loss goals by losing fat, maintaining muscle mass

The medical weight loss program at Dr.Khazaei’s office  is supervised by health care professionals with specialized training in weight loss and metabolism. It is a scientific program using high quality time tested products supported by professional counselling at every stage, followed by a recommended exercise regimen.

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